Businesses risk lower visibility in search engines when using AI-generated content

Businesses that use AI to produce and publish large volumes of content on their websites may experience reduced visibility in search engines like Google.

Experts warn that search engines do not prioritize websites with AI-produced content and recommend a more balanced approach.

In an increasingly digitalized world, visibility in search engines, especially Google, is crucial for the success of businesses. Many companies have used artificial intelligence (AI) to produce large amounts of content to increase online visibility. However, recent reports indicate that this strategy can have the opposite effect, as search engines do not prioritize websites with AI-generated content.

Google's search algorithms have become more sophisticated in recent years, with the main goal of delivering relevant and high-quality content to users. AI-generated content, while it can be effective in producing large amounts of content quickly, often lacks originality, deeper insights, and a human touch. This can lead to the content being perceived as low-quality by the search engine's algorithms, thereby reducing the website's ranking.

Experts in digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) recommend a more balanced approach for businesses looking to increase their online visibility. They advise companies to combine AI-produced content with human-produced content to ensure a better user experience and improve their SEO results.

"While AI can help businesses produce content quickly and efficiently, it is important to remember that search engines prioritize high-quality, relevant, and original content. Therefore, it is necessary to find a balance between AI-generated and human-produced content to ensure the best possible visibility in search engines," says an SEO expert we spoke with.

Businesses should also focus on creating content that is tailored to their target audience and builds on expertise, authority, and trust (E-A-T). Investing in long-term strategies for content marketing and SEO, as well as collaborating with experienced professionals, can help improve a company's online visibility and thus increase their online success.


While AI can be a useful tool for content production, it is important for businesses to remember that search engines like Google value high-quality, relevant, and original content. Relying too much on AI-generated content can therefore lead to lower visibility in search engines and reduced online success. A balanced approach that combines both AI-generated and human-produced content, as well as a focus on long-term SEO and content marketing strategies, can help businesses achieve optimal visibility and growth online.